I am Anna

I love to design and I love to provide design service for the people I work for.


Professional Designer in Los Angeles

As a professional senior graphic and web designer, I strive for the very best in proving amazing design service and achieving all the goals for my clients. Making my clients feel comfortable and providing exceptional services to them is my #1 priority. It’s what’s kept most of my existing clients around for more than 10 years, and keep new ones contacting me on a regular basis.
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I have a deep understanding of user habits and behaviors. I committed to using fact-based knowledge and our unique brand of innovation to help you dominate the competition. Every project is customized for optimum visibility and audience response.


Emerging small business service

Turf Landscaping Company's Website Design & SEO Optimization

Security safe deposit box business

Pacific Safe Manufacturing Website Design

Natural Healthy Supplemental

Doctors Pick's Website Design & Package Design

Healthy Natural Organic Snacks

Original Legacy Foods Website Design

Growing small non-profit organization

Nexter Website Design & Logo Design

Beauty and Spa

Spa Revolution/ ThermaBliss Website Design


I will handle the entire design development for your website project. I will use your idea to develop a website within your requirement to launch. My website development phase consists of the following steps:


The first stage of a good web development project is discovery. In short, it’s a learning process. I will gather as much information about you as possible. I will need to know your organization, goals, users, features and functionality your website needs. With all the information gathered, I will start laying the groundwork for optimizing the site. The discovery phase will begin with information gathering. Our conversations will further define the goals of the new website, identify key user roles, and detail the functionality required for the finished product.
Detailed insights into the discovery process will be shared further after participation.

real google reviews

Samuel Banahene
Samuel Banahene
Anna performed above and beyond work for my project. I was very impressed by how corporative she was during the entire design process. I highly recommend Anna to people looking to scale their online business. I look forward to working with Anna again for my future projects!
Robert Mejia
Robert Mejia
Anna Fong is a world class graphic artist. I've worked with a number of designers over the years, and by far, she is the best! We were BLOWN AWAY by the design she came up with for our latest project Website and landing page. Without asking, almost every person we've invited to visit our site has expressed how impressive it is. What Anna is able to do with original and stock media is amazing. We consider Anna Fong our "go to" designer. I strongly encourage you to make Anna Fong a part of your team. President EtherWorks Media
Brianna’s Closet
Brianna’s Closet
Words can’t express how amazing Anna is. We’ve worked together on many projects and she’s extremely professional and creative. Anna will bring your ideas to life for your business. I highly recommend ❤️
Adriana Angel
Adriana Angel
I recently started sewing small projects and thought it was time to create a logo. I wanted my very own logo to be printed on labels that I can sew onto my projects. I’m by no means a professional and am an amateur at best so I was nervous that whomever I reached out to might think I was “too small” to work with. Anna was so great to work with. She is quick to respond and even responded on the weekend. Her pricing was just right and she worked with me on every detail. I had an idea for my logo and even though it was a quite simple idea, she made it come to life and it’s perfect. I love it. I will definitely contact her again if I’m in need of designs in the future. Thanks again Anna.
Dave Eckert
Dave Eckert
Anna is a real pleasure to work with. Her design of my website and logo exceeded my expectations. She applied many facets to the site that I had not thought of and made it feel professional and very modern. It was also very comforting to work with such a responsive agency. Anna quickly captured my thoughts on any adjustments I needed and provided the clean edits the very next day. I would highly recommend Anna for design work and look forward to working with her in the future as my business grows and I need to add and adjust the content and design of my website. Awesome job Anna! David Eckert - Founder & Principal - b2c advisors, LLC
Sarah Dakar
Sarah Dakar
Anna was very professional, extremely pleasant to work with, responsive to our notes and provided the quick turn-around we needed. She did a great job and we will definitely work with her again!
Ericka Elliott
Ericka Elliott
Anna is great with her work. She is deticated, passionate, really takes pride in her work and works hard for the people she works for or with. Anna is very flexible and also goes out of her way for her clients and is accomodating. Many of her designs have been seen out in the world and they are so sophisticated but edgy at the same time and it actually can apeal to all age groups and attract many. I highly recommend Anna, not only for her talent but her professionalism and dedication to her clients and business's she have worked for now and any in the past.
christopher r. “bacas” hernandez
christopher r. “bacas” hernandez
Amazing Anna 🌱 Thank you kindly for all of your diligent, fast, professional and accurate work. We are so pleased with the website and menu and so content to have you aboard our team as we navigate forward with the openings of the first few restaurant locations and with activating and maintaining the site. From The GuacBar 🥑🥑 team, many Thanks
susan gardner
susan gardner
Anna is great, quick response time. I have been using Anna for years. Thank you for all your help!
Gary North
Gary North
Anna, at AnnaFongDesign has been a real gem to work with. We've been working with her for over a year and a half for graphic image ads, product labels, small animoto type videos (set images for each scene) and printed advertisers. She has does first rate work has been a delight to work with. I feel that she is part of the family here at Doctors Pick. Annas' work features appealing images, is polished and professional, and represents our company and mission well. When we need it, she has been helpful in giving us creative ideas for our projects. Another important thing is that Anna stands behind her work. In the infrequent times that something hasn't come out like we expected, or an error is made (which, of course, happens once in while), she has stood behind her work and rapidly corrects. I highly recommend Anna to those looking for first-rate, professional graphic design work and as someone that's very easy to work with.


I am proud to work with some of the most well-known and respected corporate clients – but I love to help start-ups and new brands too. I am in the game, in a big way, and I am ready to partner with you.


What made me a highly acclaimed graphic and web designer

Over the years, my growing love for art and creative exploration has sowed the seeds that led me to become a successful graphic and web designer today. I’ve partnered in several successful businesses which has given me many open doors and opportunities to explore further.

I successful graphic designers use their creative abilities to understand visual communication. They help viewers absorb information visually. But, they don’t know the key ingredients to making a successful design and to make a business more successful. I use composition, color, proportion, texture, photography and typography bring an idea come to life. I would like to think of design development a form of cooking. The perfect dish has special ingredients combined, makes the dish savory, flavorful, and yet enjoyable to share with others.

What makes a web designer unique is their technical ability to code and develop a well-designed website. I am familiar with HTML, CSS and designing through many web platforms. However, I can help you achieve a faster loading time with decreased file size which is one of the restraints in most websites.

In addition, I pay attention to color, textures, composition, and layout. I have always been an artist when I was young. Designing is what I do best. It is a skill that I use to breath. Join me on your design venture and let me help you and your business grow.