Unleashing the Power of Design:
A Curation of My Web and Graphic Work

Security safe deposit box business

Added e-commerce function to local leading safe company's website, expanding business to B2C and increasing sales by 15%. Collaborative approach ensured seamless integration and positive user experience.

Save Earth’s Ecosphere™

Rebranded emerging green energy company's website with WordPress, creating a more professional layout and impactful logo. Significant increase in website traffic and engagement, positioning them as an industry leader. Before and after screenshots showcase transformation.

Pacific Safe Manufacturing

Redesigned website for leading local safe deposit box business, increasing customer conversion rates and maintaining their No.1 status. Modern design and improved user experience effectively communicated unique value proposition.

Profound Logic Software

Redesigned website for Profound Logic, the only IBM i technology partner that helps businesses transition into the demands of tomorrow. More dynamic designs created a modern and professional look, resulting in significant increase in customer conversion rates.

Original Legacy Foods

Designed e-commerce website for small healthy organic potato chip brand featuring popular design for easy shopping and a store map across the US. Accurately reflects their commitment to healthy and organic ingredients.

San Gabriel city council

Designed John Wu's personal election website with an attractive design that increased public favorability. Resulted in winning the election with more than 50% of the votes.

BetterWorld4 Inc

Redesigned cryptocurrency investment website with paid content and blog, resulting in increased click rates and reduced bounce rates. Effectively communicated unique value proposition to potential investors.

The Chinawood

Designed one-page scrolling website for leading entertainment company, specializing in international productions and events between China and the US. Pop layout and prominent theme greatly increased customer conversion rate.

Natural slate roofing

We recently designed a more professional website layout for a leading local roof installation company, which better showcases the company's services and expertise. The new website design is both visually appealing and easy to navigate.


Partnered with advertising TV company to modernize their website design, resulting in 30% increase in website traffic and 20% increase in sales leads. Collaborative approach ensured website perfectly aligned with their brand and business goals. Before and after screenshots demonstrate significant improvements.